Thursday, July 31, 2008

A "Honeyed" SoHo Art Premiere

I've always loved the Arts so I was absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to curate and produce a Visual Art Gallery show for the Fresh Fruit Festival at the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation in SoHo, Manhattan's famous Art district. The Show was titled: Strike A Pose! Gender 2008 and ran from July 18 - 25. It was a multi-media group show with images of people who express Gender in non-traditional ways including Transgender, Drag Queens/Kings, Cross-Dressers, Radical Faeries, Gender Queer and others. In my many years as a Drag performer I became acquainted with many artists who see the creativeness and beauty in Drag and Gender expression, and use it in generating innovating Works of Art. The participating artists included: Zen Browne, Pamela Camhe, Alicia Colon, Nicolas El-Khoury, Fernando Espinosa, Keith Gemerek, Luc Georges, Nikki Johnson, Elizabeth Josephson, Lois Lazarus, Daniel Malisky, Dick Mitchell, Jack Millet Mosher, Rick Odell, Alina Oswald, Evan Schwartz, Sabrina Scott, troyboydesigns, WilsonModels, Dana Witford and Ryan Janek Wolowski. Also on display were artifacts including rare Drag vaudeville sheet music and vintage photographs from the collection of renowned Historian Dr. Joe E. Jeffreys.

The opening night gala turned out to be one of the most exciting and populated premiere events that So
Ho ever had with over 600 people attending! Drag performers, Artists, Media/TV/Newspaper Reporters, Politicians, and Prominent people from the Transgender Community came by to see the show. It was truly an overwhelmingly exhilarating evening that created a huge buzz in the NYC Art Scene! I've already been asked to bring the show to two other galleries!

Seen: Media/Press – columnist Michael Musto and photographer Andy Kropa (Village Voice), Barbara Mac Adams (Art News), Stephanie Butler and Robin Cloud, (Under the Pink Carpet TV), Ryan Wolowski (Out and About TV), Samara Riviera (Viva La Riviera TV), Peter Hemmel and Troy Dunham (Glamour magazine), Jeff Eason (HX magazine), Trenton Straub (NY Blade). Drag Personalities – Epiphany, Sherry Vine, Peppermint, Agnes DeGarron, Milan, T Boy, Mistress Formika, Jem Jender, Justina Gladiola, Huckelfaerie, Cleopatra Queen of Denile, Rita Petite, Rebecka Miller and others. Burlesque Personalities – Dirty Martini, Vera Wylde, Darlinda Just Darlinda, Victoria Twirls and others. Artists – Richard Rodgers, Regis Cebrian, Evan Laurence, David Slone and others. Plus - Pauline Park (NYAGRA, New York Assoc. Gender Rights Advocacy), film maker Casper Andreas (A Four Letter Word), film maker David Finkelstein (Lake Ivan), film maker Lovari (Shore Thing), Veronica Vera (Miss Vera’s Cross Dressing Academy) with some faculty and students, members of the NYC Circle of Radical Faeries and CDI (Cross Dressers International).

Below are two fascinating images that received a lot of attention. Birthing Epiphany by troyboydesig
ns and WilsonModels is an image of Drag Personality Epiphany giving birth to herself as a man out of Drag. Mr. Clover and Lady Clover Honey by Rick Odell is an image of me - as a man out of Drag - playfully feeding my Drag Persona a muffin.