Thursday, July 31, 2008

O69? Center BINGO

Raising funds for The LGBT Community Center of NYC by having a BINGO game has never been more fun or glamorous!! On July 25, Center BINGO took place with fashionable Drag Divas, sexy go go Boys, TV network Reality stars, magazine photographers, a cable TV Transgender reporter - and a birthday celebration!! Center BINGO manager Danny Brook celebrated his birthday at BINGO and he looked so sharp and handsome (as always) wearing a regal Birthday Crown. We surprised him with a birthday cake and yes, he blew out all his candles!! Church Lady helped me make the event fabulous in her fierce polka-dotted 50s frock. I wore a 60s Pucci gown with a Gucci purse with jewelry by Susan Lucci. Adding some masculine Yin to my feminine Yang was my co-host for the evening, Sterling. At one point we stitched hats and glasses and I ended up wearing a home-boy cap and glasses while Sterling donned my chic pink hat and specs. My friend and colleague Samara Riviera stopped by to produce a publicity report for her TV show Viva La Riviera. Photographer Jeff Eason (Wilson Models) also came by and took a few pics that ended in up the fabulous HX magazine. Model Tass, heated things up by wearing only a speedo, sunglasses and a whistle. Tom and Terry, the Gay couple who were featured in the CBS TV Reality series, The Amazing Race also stopped by and played BINGO. Columnist Mark Schulte had beginners luck by winning (in a tie with another player) the final jackpot prize on his first time at Center BINGO.
Photo Credit: Wilson Models (first 2 photos); Danny Brook (last 3 photos)