Thursday, July 31, 2008

Drags & Dolls Burlesque

I always though of my particular type of Drag performance as a tribute to Femininity. The Lady-like mystique has a sensuality and a glamor like nothing else. Drag Queen/Female impersonation performers as well as Burlesque artists honor the beauty of the Goddess like no others. I was thrilled to be in a show that was called Drags and Dolls at the End Times Underground at Gene Frankel Theater in NYC. It was an intimate performance space where I shared the stage with a bevy of female beauties. The performers were not all born female, but we all knew how to strut our stuff like true dames. I love an excuse to show off my long, luscious legs with stockings and garters. Vera Wylde hosted the celebration of Femininity through the arts of Burlesque and Female Impersonation. The wonderful audience had fun tying to tell who was a GG (Genetic Girl) and who was a TG (Trans Girl). Weather the could or not, they sure were responsive and had a great time! I was glad to finally be able to perform with dear friend Alexia, who although born female, loves being a Drag Queen, sometimes called a Bio Queen. Other performers were Apathy Angle and Jezebel Express! We had so much fun in the backstage dressing room, not to mention the fun being on stage, teasing all the Guys with our sexy moves!
Photo Credit: Syd London