Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kings, Queens & Village People

Kings & Cowboys was the title of the fifth annual joint birthday celebration of Randy Jones (the original Cowboy from the Village People) and Keith Collins (Party King Promoter, VH1, Fuse network). But I was there to represent the Queens! The star-studded event took place at Retreat Club in New York City. MTV Video Jockey Thalia DaCosta also joined in the celebration since it was her birthday as well. “It’s a night of a thousand virgins!” said Collins, “referring to the Virgo zodiac sign only!” I had the best time hob-knobbing with Legendary NYC tourist attraction Naked Cowboy, Steve Guttenberg, NY Yankee Pitcher Jeff Nelson, CW11 news reporter Jill Nicolini, former child star Mason Reese, Michael DeBarge, Bobbi Horowitz, Ben Curtis, Queens Borough Leader Danny Dromm, promoters Joe Fiore (Dance 208) and Jamie Ranieri (Fruit Fli) and many others! [Photos by Joe Fiore]