Monday, November 24, 2008

Strike A Pose! Trans Art Show

After its world premiere at The Fresh Fruit Festival in the Leslie Lohman Art Gallery NYC Strike A Pose, the Gender-Bending Visual Art Show that rocked SoHo last July had its second showing as part of the Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival. Strike A Pose is a fierce, provocative visual Art showcase of images that celebrate the diversity of Gender expression, featuring images of Transgender, Drag Queen/King, Transsexual, Cross-Dresser, and individuals who convey Gender in alternative and non-traditional ways. I was the curator of the exhibit and hosted the opening night gala reception at The Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, NY on November 16th. I was also a model in several of the images. I was proud to have a collection of works by such notable artists like Tony Sawicki of Under the Pink Carpet television, Toyboydesigns of Glamour magazine, Wilson Models from HX magazine, Peter Lau of Next Magazine, Alina Olson of Out in Jersey magazine, Jed Ryan of PM magazine and OutMusic, Ryan Wolowski of Out & About television, Dan Malisky, Pamela Camhe, Rick Odell, Str!ngbean, Fernando Espinosa and others. The Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious Film Festivals in the North East.