Monday, November 24, 2008

Fresh Fruit Play House

The Fresh Fruit Festival had its monthly Fresh Fruit PlayHouse, an LGBT Performance Art Showcase of unusually fruity acts at the Nuyorican Cafe in the hip East Village of Manhattan on November 12. Our Host and MC for the evening was the gorgeous Pedro Angle Serrano who is best known for being on the Radio (WBAI Out FM 99.5 FM New York and WRSU Rutgers 88.7FM) and he's also an award-winning comedian, a fierce spoken word artist, and an Out Skinhead involved in the mainstream Punk Rock scene! Pedro Kept the audience entertained with his quick wit and amazing true-to-life experiences! I tried out some new jazz songs like "Orange Colored Sky" that had everyones fingers snapping! Other performers included tha sexy and fabulous Drag?Burlesque Personality Vera Wylde, Travis Laughlin a Janis Joplin impersonator who really rocked the house with her brilliant illusion and her fierce energy, DJ / Alternative Rocker Reed Mc Gowen (aka Intraxis) who did a hot rap/rock number, and Carol Polcovar who had us laughing with her stories about growing up in a carnival background. Recording Artist Lovari, writer Suellen Rubin and poet Cookie Pemberton also stopped by for a visit. As Pedro's radio listeners know, he has a tendency to get naked after hearing a really great Rock concert, and if there is a very persuasive Drag Queen around!