Monday, November 24, 2008

Pink Carpet at Center BINGO

It was time to roll out the Pink Carpet on November 21st at The LGBT Center of NYC as television correspondents Tony Sawicki and Stephanie Butler of Under the Pink Carpet joined their cast-mate, Lady Clover Honey as guest hosts and number-callers for Center BINGO. The monthly fund-raiser features a traditional BINGO games, only with much more glamor, comedy and pizazz with Drag Personality Clover Honey wearing mod print gowns and hats with hot go go models Tass and Mel. Bingo Staff Drag Divas Bobbi and Church Lady also add their own fabulous appeal along with music by DJ and filmmaker Wolfgang Busch. With fashion, fun, hot bodies, music, pizza and a chance to win the $500 jackpot, Clover Honey tells everyone "Who needs to schelp all the way to Foxwoods?" Tim and Terry, the Gay couple who were contestants on the CBS reality series The Amazing Race joined in on the fun as well as actress Jennifer Perry (Three Dead Witches), writer Mark Schulte and the Student Union of New York University. The games benefit The LGBT Center of NYC, now in its 25th year of providing services and a safe-space for the LGBT Community.