Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mermaid Parade - Fish Fierceness

It was all Fishy Fierceness as I made my appearance with my creative fabulous friends marching in the 31st annual Mermaid Parade and the Boardwalk stage at Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York!  The gaudy and baudy celebration honors the carnival culture of the legendary seaside resort.  Performance artists, rockers, side-show and burlesque performers and others - including politicians and community leaders, got all decked out in seashells, seaweed, fish-tails, fins and glitter as we strutted our stuff down Surf Avenue and The Boardwalk.  This year was especially appreciated since extensive damage from super storm Sandy threatened to not make the happening possible.  But funds were raised and repairs were made, showing we're stronger than the storm - and the show went on!  The weather was beautiful as ocean breezes refreshed the revelers impersonating Mermaids, Mermen, King Neptunes, Sea Nymphs, Sharks, Fish, Pirates, Sailors, Crustaceans and other assorted creatures and beings from the deep blue sea.  I had an ocean blast with my friends recording artist Lovari, photographer Rod Ordonez, designer Geary Marcello, artists Will Chiapella, Lester Blum, Andres Fabian, Tayler, Jerry, Suzy, Belinda, Lola and many others!  This took place on June 22 and happens every year on the first Saturday after the Summer Solstice.