Sunday, June 30, 2013

Pride Celebration Beams with Supreme Approval

I had a blast being part of the 44th annual New York City Gay Pride Parade!  The festive, extraordinary march starts on Manhattan's famed Fifth Avenue and proceeds downtown to the West Village to Christoper Street, past the legendary Stonewall Inn.  The Stonewall Inn is the gay bar the sparked the modern Gay Civil rights movement when Drag Queens and other patron stood up for their rights and fought back against a police raid on the last Sunday in June of 1969.  Since then, every last Sunday in June is the date of Gay Pride Day and the annual celebratory and fabulous New York City LGBT Pride Parade!  This year was especially joyous since the United States Supreme Court struck down two bigoted and discriminatory laws DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), where the federal government did not recognize same-gender marriage rights, and California's Proposition 8, where a voting ballot took away the civil right for Gay and Lesbian couples to legally wed, even after the California Supreme Court granted them that right.  Both pieces were deemed Unconstitutional and struck down.  This made the Parade and all other LGBT Pride celebrations even more special and delightful this year, giving even more reason to rejoice and celebrate our heritage and pride.  Even the top of the Empire State Building was all aglow in Rainbow lights, symbolizing Pride and celebration of true Equality.