Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lady on Page Six of New York Post

I was once again mentioned in and had my picture on "Page Six" of the New York Post daily newspaper.  Page Six is one of the most notorious and most widely read celebrity/event/gossip columns in New York City!  The article titled, Cop confusion at Village People-themed Hamptons Bash, referred to the grand soiree I went to on August 22nd, at the Castle Estate of Sir Ivan in which everyone came dressed in costume as a character from the classic disco dance group, the Village People.  Unfortunately, since one of the group members is a Cop, when real Police Officers came to the party to investigate a noise complaint, estate security though they were party-goers in costume at first.  This crazy situation caused confusion and added hilarity to the event which was insane and rollicking to begin with!  But as Randy Jones, the original Village People Cowboy is quoted in the article: "What happens at the Castle, should stay at the Castle."  The party was to celebrate the release of Sir Ivan Wilzig's new song "Kiss The Bullies Goodbye" featuring vocals by singer Taylor Dane, which raises awareness to the issue of anti-LGBT Bullying. 

Link to Page Six article in New York Post