Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Village People at Hampton Castle

It was an evening of glamour, romance and extravagant fun at the special private VIP soiree held by Sir Ivan at his Castle estate in the Hamptons on August 22nd.  The magnificent Castle was all lit up in Rainbow colors and the party had a Village People-70s-Disco theme.  Guests came dressed-up as characters (Cop, Construction Worker, Army/Navy man, Cowboy, Indian or Leather-man) from the legendary group that recorded the lively hit dance classics "YMCA" and "Macho Man."  The party was a celebration of the release of Sir Ivan's newest musical single titled "Kiss All The Bullies Goodbye" which features vocals by Taylor Dane and lyrics that encourage people to be different and tolerant.  Through his music Sir Ivan demonstrates the importance of acceptance and understanding.  I had a blast doing the hustle and shaking my groove thang with Sir Ivan, original Village People Cowboy Randy Jones, actor/recording artist Lovari, recording artist Aaron Paul, actor Omar Shariff Jr., comedian Adam Sank, managing editor R. Kurt Osenlund (Out magazine), Emmitt Wilson (Slate magazine) publisher Mike Todd (Get Out! Magazine), editor Eileen Shapiro (Get Out! magazine) and many others!