Friday, April 24, 2009


I absolutely love hosting the monthly BINGO games at The LGBT Center of New York City. This last evening had a huge crowd of over 300 folks hoping to get their hands on the Jackpot prize. I did my best ball-pulling! I dressed as a retro 1980s new wave rock diva, since my special guest was Rollerina, the legendary Diva from the 1970s! I always loved and admired her and had a blast hosting the Bingo with her. She told us all about the good old days and how crazy and different it was back then. Rollerina was one of the first Drag celebrities of New York City, regularly seen roller skating about Central Park, Greenwich Village and the renowned dance floor of Studio 54. We all had so much fun with her stories about how exciting Gay city life was in the 70s. There was no Internet and cell phones, but there was sex, drugs, rock & roll - AND fabulous Drag!