Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Birthday Miss Vera!

On Wednesday, November 14, me and my wonderful girlfriends at CDI (Cross Dressers International) held a fantastic birthday party for Miss Veronica Vera, founder and head-mistress of Miss Vera's Finishing School and author of the best-selling book, Cross Dress For Success! Miss Vera is so beautiful on the inside as well as obviously on the outside, and we all love and appreciated her for all she has done for helping with and creating acceptance for the art of Male to Female Transformation. Miss Vera is a GG (Genetic-born Female) and with her we celebrate our Femininity and the joy of being Lady Like. She has helped thousands of those who were born Male get in touch with their Femme side and enjoy the fantasy and freedom that comes with it. The sweet and pretty Rita Petite, reining President of CDI, Madelyn the VP and other dedicated helpers planed a most elegant and sophisticated soiree, complete with pink ribbons, balloons and other trimmings. A girly cake adorned with Daisies and other floral decorations was presented to Miss Vera. She also enjoyed opening up her gifts, which included a tea set and a cute stuffed magic dragon, we jokingly called Drag-On! All of us girls were literally Pretty in Pink, or at least Fuchsia, as we created our girly ensembles for the birthday bash. I loved what Pettie Pie wore most of all, with lace and frilly petti coats under her adorable Sissy girl dress, complete with pink bows and ribbons on her strawberry blond hair!

"Life's lovely when you're a Woman. . . Like Me!" "I enjoy being a Girl!"