Monday, December 17, 2007

Poole Party! at Don't Tell Mama

On November 17, I was in the Comedy Line-up at one of NYC's most famous and popular weekly comedy showcases featuring Musical and Stand Up Comedy called, Poole Party. The shows take place every Saturday night at Don't Tell Mama, midtown's premiere Cabaret theater and piano bar. Poole Party was started by comedian Ron Poole and has gained prestige by winning multiple MAC Awards and Bistro Awards for excellence in Comedy and live entertainment. "New York's funniest and most talented entertainers" is what New York Press had to say and "Hilarious!" is what was written in Time Out NY magazine. The line up included David Hodorowski from Fuze TV, Richard Cramer, Joe Minolfi, Laura Spaeth, Michael Brill and the MAC and Bistro Award Winning Musical Comedian Sidney Myer and was hosted by Darlene Violette from NBC's "30 Rock" and "WonderShowzen." In the crowd were an amazing group of Ladies who were tourists from Pennsylvania who really knew how to have a good time. I also had fun catching up with Rick Skye who was impersonating "Liza" for the next show at Mama's.