Saturday, June 30, 2007

Leather/Fetish - Folsome Street East

On Sunday, June18, It was time to dust off the leather, chains and whips and get ready for Folsom Street East, a New York City one and only S&M, Leather and Fetish Queer outdoor Block Party! It modeled after the infamous Folsom Street in San Francisco. This was the 11th Folsom Street East and this year it took place on West 28th Street near the infamous Leather Man's bar, The Eagle. GMSMA held the first Folsom Street East in 1997. Named after the famous Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco, the block party was an instant success, bringing our S/M-Leather-Fetish brothers and sisters together for a great celebration, while raising money to support worthy causes. Over the past 11 years, the success of FSE has enabled GMSMA to donate over $250,000 to support organizations like The LGBT Community Center, the NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project, the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom, God’s Love We Deliver, and Rivington House.

I ran into Eddie, who has a fetish for being treated like a horse and gave me such a fun house and buggy ride around the block after my stage performance. I also loved seeing my friends from MAN (Males Au Natural) Nudist group, Metro Gay Wrestling, NYC Gay Men's Chorus, Radical Faeries, Foot Friends and others. It was a fantastic way to have fun and celebrate our unique, delicious, tantalizing and varied sexuality while raising funds for worthy causes! I loved seeing and having fun with HX publisher Matt Banks, Michael Musto (Village Voice), TV hosts Ryan Wolowski and Randy Wicker, Frances Legge, Paul Nordico, Empress B and Emperor Craig Hollywood, J. Michale Reeds, Evan Laurence, Chorus Butch Bryan, Jed Ryan (PM magazine editor) and others!

Photos: Clover Hon
ey getting a Horse and Buggy ride with Eddie; Clover Honey with model Jake Gifford; Clover Honey with Michael Musto; NYCGMC Butch Bryan; Eddie; Empress B; Nudits Paul; Francis, Clover and Tommy; Brandon, Clover and Mike; Clover and Angelo.