Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cher turns 61 years old!

In order to celebrate Cher's Birthday, my friend Howie V, a Cher impersonator held a special Cabaret show with performances by other Celebrity Impersonators at Helen's Hide-a-way room Cabaret in Chelsea on May 20. I portrayed Carol Channing flawlessly as I sang "Diamond's Are a Girl's Best Friend." Since the Marilyn Monroe impersonator didn't show up I also sang "I wanna be loved by You." I explained to the audience that Marilyn was supposed to show up to sing that song "But she's dead!" which garnished a big laugh! The other Stars of the show were Billy Little as Tina Turner, Brendon Forte as Shirley Basse, Delphinia as Bette Midler, and RUB band as Depesch Mode. It was won wonderful sold-out crowd that went wild with enthusiasm for our performances!

Photos: Clover Honey as Carol Channing; RUB Band with Howie V as Cher; with Delphinia as Bette Midler and Billy Little as Tina Turner; with Brandon Forte as Shirley Basse.