Saturday, June 30, 2007

Pride Parade

The day for the annual NYC LGBT Pride Parade is always a thrilling, fun and emotional day. Being a girl who is involved in so many activities, it's always touching to see everyone literally parade their Pride down the street. You never know who you're going to meet and run into during the parade, in the parade line-up or viewing the parade. Being both a Political and Transgender person, I find it rather convenient that the parade organizers combine the two groups and put them in one section. In that section this year was the overflowing theme of Marriage Equality with the NY State Assembly recently passing legislation in favor of Same-gender marriage! There were loads of Drag Brides,tuxedo print T shirts and Marriage Equality logos throughout our section. In the Political section, right in front of Stonewall Democrats, was the contingent of NY State Assembly members and supporters. This included a front line up of Out elected official NY Assembly members, Danny O'Donnell, Deborah Glick, Matt Titone, Micah Kellner and supportive Assembly members Brian Kavanagh and Dick Gottfried. They received especially loud cheers of gratitude for passing such important legislation in the Assembly. When we arrived at the Judging station. The Assembly members announced, "You many now kiss the Bride" while Drag Queen Brides kissed each other and threw their bouquets. The crowd went wild with applause!! Besides the politicians, I had the chance to run into my Trans girlfriends, Rita, Madelyn, Rose and other and I also was even nicer bumping into my ex Eduardo from Brazil with his Briziallian Buddies in their colorful feathers.