Saturday, June 30, 2007

Drag March

Every year me and my "Sisters" pay homage to our Sisters who came before us and paved the way for us to be able to express our femme spirit openly and fabulously! In particular we honor the brave, fierce and fabulous Drag Queens who sparked the flame that ignited the rebellion at The Stonewall Inn, which started the Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender Rights movement. We do this by having an annual "Drag March." We meet on the Friday before Pride Sunday every year in Thompkins Square Park at Dusk. Then we have a neo-Pagan Spiritual Circle where we invoke the spirit of our Stonewall Sisters and the energies of Drag. Then we have a March to The Stonewall Inn, the place where the civil rights movement started on the last Sunday of June in 1969. Lots of Drag Queens, Drag Kings, Club kids, Gender Benders, Transsexuals, Cross-Dressers, friends, admirers, and supporters all get dolled up and participate. The NYPD helps escort us and stops traffic for us. The wonderful groups that get involved include the NYC Circle of Radical Faeries - a Queer alternative, spirituality and expression movement, La Petit Versallies - a drag performance group representing the gardens of the Lower East Side, and Church Ladies for Choice -an off-shoot from ACT UP who use drag to make fierce political statements at Civil rights and Pro Choice rallies and events.

Photos: The Drag March; Clover Honey and Petit Versalles member; Clover Honey and a Church Lady for Choice; Cover Honey and Detective Thomas Verni NYPD.