Saturday, June 30, 2007

Prom and a Cherry Birthday

On Friday, May 25th, I attended the annual Transgender Prom at The LGBT Center of NYC. The event for is for all kinds of Transgender people and those who express gender in non-traditional ways and their friends, lovers and allies. Many people wish that when they were in High School, they could of worn a beautiful gown to their prom, but weren't allowed to since they were born Male. The Center's Transgender Prom can make up for that by wearing the most pretty and frilly gown and tiara, no matter what Gender they were labeled when they were born. I saw many of my girlfriends there and some of my old boyfriends too! When the Prom was winding down, I went to the East Village with Madelyn and Rita to the Birthday Celebration for Cherry Jubilee! Cherry is petite and beautiful, but she usually works in behind-the-scenes production. She is best know for being the founder and producer of The Glammy Awards and for Tranny Shack. I saw Drag Diva Sweetie there and met Jamie, a deliciously notorious Fag Hag, who also refers to herself as a Fruit Fly (her web site is since she loves spending time with her Gay guy friends. She admitted that tonight she was also a Drag Hag, since she was completely enjoying herself amongst the Drag Queens celebrating a birthday with a Cherry on top! There were amazing performances by Malibu, Rajene, Ariel Sinclair and many others.

photos: Malibu, Ariel Sinclair, Rajene, Clover; Cherry Jubilee and Clover Honey; Clover Honey and Petti Pie