Wednesday, June 27, 2007

"Faggoty Attention" at Unisex Salon

On Thursday, May 18, I went to the Unisex Salon party on the Lower East Side at Club Delancey where I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the luscious and talented Adam Joseph give a live performance and also show his new video "Faggoty Attention." The song and his performance is also featured in the latest film I am in A Four Letter Word, directed by Casper Andreas. Singer/songwriter Ari Gold also stopped in to say hi and enjoy the performance. And Adam's performance was out of this world and drove the crowd wild! The edgy Lesbian rocker called Bitch or Capitol B also was there to enjoy the evening. I had a great time with them and video engineer Frances Legge, Epiphany, Logan, Acid Betty, James Coppola, Madelyn, Sharyn Jackson (editor of Go! NYC Magazine) Howie and others.

Photos: Adam Joseph, Clover Honey and Ari Gold; Clover Honey and Bitch