Saturday, October 20, 2007

Come OUT and Swim in Philly

On October 6, I went to one of my favorite cities, Philadelphia, to attend the Come OUT and Swim International Swim Meet. The event was hosted by the Philadelphia Fins, Philly's GLBT master swim team, providing social and recreation activities with organized and coached swimming events, providing a sense of Pride and Community. I went on my trip with Tony Sawicki and Stephanie Butler to produce a segment for our TV series, Under the Pink Carpet. We want to show how Sports and recreational events are also part of Queer Culture. We had a fantastic time meeting all the guys and gals who came for all over the country to compete in the meet. They gave us wonderful interviews and looked great in their swim-wear. The event was held at the beautiful Olympic sized swimming pools at Suburban Swim Center, located just outside of Philly. The Swim Meet was held in conjunction with Philly Pride's Outfest Celebration during the National Coming Out Day festivities, including a street fair. I always love seeing the Liberty Bell and having cheese steaks and cream cheese when I visit the City of Brotherly Love. But now I'll always remember seeing hundreds of wet and adorable men in Philly. Congratulations to the Philadelphia Fins for hosting and producing such a awesome and remarkable event!

Pictured are Bradly and Brad from TNYA (Team New York Aquatics), Ryan and Corey from the Philadelphia Fins (the cute couple in matching pink speedos).