Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Hot Mess

On Sunday, October 14, I went to Hot Mess, a fun and wild weekly Gay party held at Porky's NYC in Chelsea. That night was also a celebration for Birthday Boy Chris Ryan, the promoter for Hot Mess and other fantastic and interesting parities in the big City's Gay Gotham. Ryan is among the coolest and hippest party guys ever! His parties really ROCK! At a special time, a big tray of cupcakes with candles were presented to him. He made his wish and blew hard! Epiphany, Logan and Acid Betty were there with a packed crowd of Hotties. I saw Steve from Paladino Casting and met several of my guy friends there. Each of them patiently waited their turn to dance with me! They're all so adorable and even tastier than the cupcakes.