Wednesday, October 31, 2007

R.U.B. Halloween Rock Concert

Yes, it's HALLOWEEN, my favorite time of the year! When else can you dress up slutty and outrageous and run around the streets looking for Tricks and Treats? Well for many of us, Halloween is every day! But still, it's the best holiday ever! I already attended a special sacred circle led by Grove Agentum of The Fellowship of Isis, a Neo-Pagan Wiccan spirituality clan to honor Halloween, or what Pagans call Samhian, the ancient Celtic "Summer's End" Harvest Sabbat when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest! On Wednesday evening October 31st, I had dinner with my fabulous girlfriends from CDI at The Irish Rouge Restaurant. M2F Crossdressers and Transgender and some spouses, friends and admirers gathered for a Halloween dinner and had a costume contest for fun. I was the Hostess of the contest and the winner was Rita, who was a fabulous Mae West. A close second came a lovely lady who was dressed as a beautiful Zebra, complete with a stripped made-up face. I had a wonderful time with the all the costumes and camaraderie that my wonderful friends provided. After the dinner, I headed down to the Lower East Side with Rolada Rose over to the Bowery Poets Club to be a special guest singer for R.U.B. rock band. The Poets Club has been turning into a premiere downtown Rock concert venue since the legendary CBGBs closed across the street. RUB is award-winning musician/producer Robert Urban (of The Robert Urban Band) on vocals and lead guitar, bassist Steve Sullivan (also of The Robert Urban Band), electro pop-star Gordon Smith (of Rubberlegs band) and on vocals and synthesiser keyboards and drummer Ant Maulella (also of Rubberlegs). RUB always rocks the house with their talent, energy specializing in 70s - 80s Rock classics. The special guest vocalists besides myself were V*I*R*G*O, Baron, Terry Christopher, Francesca and Chuck of Temptress. I did my version of "Sweet Transvestite from Transsexual Transylvania" complete with sexy fishnet stocking hose with garter belts. The crowd went wild. Many of the men told me that I was a much sweeter Treat than a caramel apple! Don't ask about the Tricks! I always liked hearing howling mysterious sounds echoing through the night. On Halloween is seems much more justified. R.U.B turned the club into a wild version of Rocky Horror Show with all the costumes, make-up, kick-ass band playing and dash of fabulous Drag! I'm so hauntingly grateful to CDI and R.U.B. and all of my good friends for making this Halloween so screamingly special!