Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dance 208: Halloween Dance

On Saturday, October 28, I went to Dance 208: The Halloween Dance at The LGBT Community Center of NYC, where I was the Celebrity Hostess and Mistress of Ceremonies for the Costume Contest. Dance 208 is the longest running continuous Dance Party in New York City. The hall where the dance takes place looked especially haunting with decorations to die for by artist David Availles. The crowd came up with many creative costumes and I met so many of my friends and acquaintances who dropped by to celebrate the Holiday! There was also a special screening of Schwarzwald, a movie you can dance to shown on three big screens. The film was very Gothic and about the infamous Black Party in NYC. The movie stars F2M Transsexual star Buck Angle "and a cast of thousands." Schwarzwald lets you experience New York City’s underground Black Party first hand – but it goes beyond simply documenting the legendary event. Producer Stephen Pevner and writer/director Richard Kimmel have instead created a truly original art film merging the revelry of the annual event with ancient druidic rituals, resulting in a provocative, eye-opening allegorical fairy tale. Schwarzwald follows Buck Angel on a transformative journey through the forest culminating in the orgiastic spectacle of the Black Party.

The Celebrity Judges at the Costume Contest were the Drag Legend Rollerina, Mr. Metrobear Cub, Empress B and Emperor Craig Hollywood - the monarchs of the Imperial Court of NY and David Availles. They had a hard time picking a winner out of the final two contestants, an electric Bee Bitch and a fierce Drag Grace Jones. They finally went with Bee Bitch! My girlfriends came with me, Madelyn, Pettie Pie, Kelly and Caprice, who modeled an adorable Tracy Turnblat costume complete with a huge can of Hairspray! It was also great to see the regular guys who keep the dances going like manager Joe Fiore. I had a great time laughing and dancing with Bruce Michael Gelbert, Will Clark, Jeff Eason, Mike, Tony, Manny and all the other guys. And I received so many complements on my sexy she-devil costume with references to "horny." That's Men for you!