Thursday, June 12, 2008

Film Screening - Its Me, Matthew!

Film is a wonderful genre and I just attended a Private Film Screening for a new Indy short film written, produced and directed by dear friend Michael Ferreira, who many people know as the alter-ego of Drag Personality Carmella Cann. Michael also stars in the film. The film was wonderful and moving. Its a psychological drama based on a true story and titled It's Me Matthew. The film is also the dramatic acting debut of Village Voice columnist Michael Musto (La Dolce Musto). He also writes for Out magazine and is a pop cultural commentator on MSNBC and several other channels. The film also stars Paul Anthony Stuart of CBSs Guiding Light and child actor Eric Wilke. The screening was held at new Midtown hotspot 123 Lounge and was attended by many local celebrities. No Divine Miss M, but tribute artist Donna Maxon was the next best thing. Tony Sawicki, Stephanie Butler and Robin Cloud from Under the Pink Carpet were there with me and we created a wonderful news segment.