Thursday, June 12, 2008

O69? Center BINGO!

BINGO games are a traditional way for people to have fun, gamble and raise money for Charities. The LGBT Center of NYC has a monthly BINGO game and on May 16, I had the pleasure of being the official BINGO number caller for the evening. I had a blast with the fantastic audience of game players who had the chance to hear many of my jokes before I try them out at Comedy Clubs. I added my own brand of humor, glamor, and fashion sense to the traditional game of chance and had a wonderful time doing it. I told everyone that gambling while helping the Center is much better that going to Foxwoods!! I called BINGO before at Will Clark's Porno BINGO. There were no Porn stars at The Center event, but there was a cute young hunk who sold cards with no shirt on! I was told that the female bikini clad BINGO card beauty wasn't able to make that evening, so all the female beauty responsibility was hoisted on me! Thank goodness I was able to pull it off!