Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Liberal Democrats and Queer Folk

On Thursday, May 8, The Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club held its annual Pride Reception at Elmo's restaurant in Chelsea NYC. The event honored my dear friend, philanthropist and entrepreneur, Scott Talbot, the star of Queer As Folk, Peter Paige and others. Jim Owles Liberal Democratic Club strives to provide a progressive and independent approach towards legislation focusing on civil rights equality and advocacy. I have a seat on the boad of JOLDC, providing a Transgender viewpoint. Among those who I had a great time with were JOLDC Pres. Alan Roskoff, NYC Council Member Rosie Mendez, NY State Assembly Members Dick Gottfried (D-Manhattan) and Matt Titone (D-Staten Island), Phyllis Steinberg of PFLAG (Parents, Friends of Lesbians and Gays), Queens District Leader Danny Dromm, Stonewall Pres. Matt Carlin, Dirk McCall, Television Host Robin Byrd, Hedda Lettuce, Caprice Bellefleur, Yetta Kurland, Michael Colosi and others.