Monday, June 30, 2008

HX Awards 2008

The HX Awards, honoring the best of NYC Queer nightlife, were held at Chelsea Clearview Cinemas on Monday, June 21. I was honored to be a part of the ceremonies by being an award presenter for the Best TV show. I presented the award with Erotica Czar Michael Lucas. We were announced as a Drag Goddess and a Porn Star/Producer and when we entered on stage together Mr. Lucas jokingly asked how the audience would know who was the Queen and who was the Porn Stud! The winner for Best TV show was Project Runway and it would of been embarrassing since we were never given the award to bring on stage with us, however, no one from Runway was there to accept the award so it was no big deal. It evening went wonderfully and everyone-who's-anyone in Queer nightlife and entertainment was present. I had a marvelous time catching up with all my friends in the "biz" and seeing who was wearing what and who was drinking the most. There was a luscious open Absolute vodka bar that went dry!! The hosts were Julie Goldman and Stephen Guarino and others in the awards show include: Sylvia Touson, Dainiel Naricio, Hedda Lettuce, Jesse Volt, Michael Musto, Robin Byrd, Randy Jones, Sherry Vine, Epiphany, Trenton Straub, The Ones, Matt Trantner and others.

HX Award Winner for best bar - (tie) Barracuda and Ritz, Best Club - Splash, Best DJ - Junior Vasquz, Go Go boy of the Year - William, Drag Queen of the Year - Peppermint. Congratulations Peppermint!!

Image on left: HX magazine issue 879 page 27.
Photos in image by Wilson Models.