Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sexahol Review

A new show with Comedy and Music celebrating the joys of sex, alcohol and everything else that feels good was performed as the newest edition of the Sexahol Review took off on Sunday, June 8th, at The Parkside Lounge on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Evan Laurence and David Slone did some Improv Comedy and acted out a mini play of several characters. Schizophrenia can really pay off if you know how to work it!!! :-) Evan also premiered his new Queer hit, "If I had the biggest Thing in the Forest". Kyle Supley performed some music and the hilarious Feminist Icon, Leibya Rogers sang some original folk songs about the joys of Female empowerment and vegan dieting "My Nipples taste like Tofu." I added my camp, comedy and a bit of glamor to the showcase, with my own version of the joys of being a Woman - or a Lady!!