Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here! TV network and Leather Men

On March 13, I had an acting gig playing the part of a Leather-Woman cinematic film viewer for Here! At the Movies, a fun and exciting series on Here! TV, America's premium Gay television network. Here! offers a wide variety of groundbreaking and acclaimed original movies and series plus the world's largest collection of Gay and Lesbian films appealing to the diverse LGBT audience. The Here! At the Movies series is anchored by the gorgeous and talented Ben Harvey who played the role of host commentator sitting in a cinema theater amongst Leather Men – and one Leather Woman- Me! In this particular episode, classic Leather and Motorcycle themed movies like Ghost Rider with Peter Fonda were viewed. Ben made commentary and gave interesting fun facts about the movies while hilariously trying to control his nerves while being surrounded by Leather-Fetish clad enthusiasts. Director Michael Eldridge gave me some fun lines including one about chaffing and had me hit Ben a few times with my riding crop. “What’s the Safe Word?” I asked. I hope I didn’t hurt Ben - and if I did, I hope he enjoyed it!

One of the most enjoyable things about the opportunity was running into familiar faces. I’ve seen Ben around the nightclub/party scene a few times while corresponding with my Under the Pink Carpet crew since he’s also a reporter for Here! News. It was a big thrill to run into one of my most favorite Leathermen, Bruce-Michael Gelbert. Bruce-Michael is a former Mr. Fire Island Leather and is well known for lending butch and exciting Leatherman character to the scene. He’s also an accomplished writer/journalist for NY Theatre Wire, Q on Stage, New York Q News and Fire Island Q News. I also ran into Ryan Wolowski, the creator/producer/host of Out & About TV. It was even more of a thrill to see him, since I’ve never seen him all decked out in Leather before! He looked incredibly handsome and virile in his leather duds. Out & About is a weekly series that covers Queer parties and events and is seen on MNN Manhattan Cable television on Fridays. I highly recommend subscribing to the Here! TV network through your cable provider. It has some of the most compelling and entertaining series, specials and films you’ll find on television.

Photos: Out TV reports unite in Leather: Ryan Wolowski(Out and About) TV, Ben Harvey (here! TV), Lady Clover Honey (Under The Pink Carpet) [photo courtesy Ryan Wolowski]

Bruce-Michael Gelbert and Lady Clover Honey [photo courtesy Bruce-Michael Gelbert]