Thursday, March 8, 2007

Women’s Roller Derby - Hot Wheels & High Heels

Also on Saturday, March 3rd,after having Fun with the Boys Off-Broadway, Tony Sawicki, Robin Cloud and myself headed down to the Williamsburg White Room in Brooklyn to attend a unique party titled “Hot Wheels & High Heels.” It was the launch party for a new Lesbian Magazine called Velvet Park. The party was hosted by incomparable Drag King personality Mr. Murray Hill. I told him about me announcing him as the winner at The Glammys earlier in the week. He said he was there but left since the show started so late. He also said that I was the first person to tell him he won. No one from The Glammys contacted him yet. I also go the chance to meet the Gotham Girls Roller Derby League. Yes, and actual team of rumbling roller-skaters made up of Lesbian, Bi and Straight women. They were extremely fierce in the way that they sake and in the way that they party and have fun! We had a rolling blast dancing, flirting and partying. The girls even skated circles around me while Tony video-taped. I thought I had done it all, but you haven’t lived until a mass of tuff women circle around you on roller skates at lighting speeds. The ladies were tuff, but I hope they don’t mind if I also called them delightful, since I loved meeting them. They had names like Ginger Snap, Lady Batterly, Hela Skelter, Penny Larceny, Roxy Balboa and Margaret Thrasher. Margaret is also knows as Ashlie Atkinson, the actress who played Muffler, the Dyke friend in the hit film, Another Gay Movie. She was even more fun in person than her character was in the movie! There was also an amazing performance by Sony/Twist recording artist Kristin Price and Dyke rocker band Triple Crème was in the house. The Guest-Llist included lawyer Yetta Kurland and Sarah Wran, creator of After and a host of the TV talk show She Said What?

Photos: Robin Cloud with Clover Honey and Sarah Wran, Clover Honey with Murray Hill and the Gotham Girls Roller Derby League, Robin Cloud with Clover Honey and Kirston Price.