Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring is here and Celebrated!

Springtime finally arrived in the Big Apple! The days and nights are equal and the Goddess Ostara warms the Earth making the calla lillies start to bloom as we look forward to Easter! Whatever, it's a perfect excuse to go out and enjoy life! That's what all my girlfriends kept saying and they were so right! We decided to have a Springtime girls-night-out dinner and cocktails on March 21. Rita found a charming mid-town eatery called Irish Rouge that was perfect. I think the most perfect thing was the Ladies night special where girls got to order three dollar Cosmopolitan cocktails! They were delicious. Since it was in an Irish restaurant some of the girls must have though it was a late St. Patty's Day celebration and wore green. But we all had a beautiful time catching up on all the gossip and girl-talk about CDI - Cross Dressers International. Rita, Lucille, Joanne, Amy, Trish, Madeline, Phyllis, Melanie, Michele, Rochelle, and Caprice Bellefleur were among the girls who just wanted have fun that evening. Also present was Christine James from the International Foundation for Gender Education. Some of the girls even starting singing Irish folk songs and doing the jig like Riverdance on Broadway. I don't know if it was the new Springtime Spirit or the Cosmopolitans, but we sure know how to have a good time! After our party at Irish Rouge was over, some of the girls wandered over to Dave's bar to play pool. I thought about going home, but I then I figured that an evening with just Ladies was a bit much, so I headed someplace nearby where I knew some hot masculine men would be, at the 9th Avenue Bistro where Will Clark's Pono Bingo fundraiser was having its weekly event. I did meet up with more Drag Queens, like some cast members of The Facts of Life Lost Episode: The Best Little Whorehouse in Peekskill, who were lots of fun. But I also met some very wonderful, very virile hunks, drenched in testosterone, Mr. Eagle 2007 Rick Weber and Adult Video star Dean Flynn star of Spyquest 3.

Photos: Rita, Clover Honey and Madelyn. Kristine James. Dean Flynn and Clover Honey. Cast Members from Facts of Life: Lost Episode.