Friday, February 2, 2007

Chelsea Boys released by Lady Bunny

I realized that I must be a very well-read, literate lady as I was preparing to go to my third book release party of the new year! This time it’s Steppin’ Out by cartoonists Glen Hanson and Alan Newirth, a collection of comic strips from the Chelsea Boys funnies that we read in Next Magazine. This is their second book. I fondly remember being at the first Chelsea Boys book premiere event with Tony Sawicki and the Under the Pink Carpet camera crew at the Leslie-Lohman Art Gallery. This time, the release took place at Mid-town hotspot, Club Therapy and had many celebrity attendees. Among them were world-renowned Drag icon Lady Bunny herself, looking fabulous in a black mini with a huge glitter-gold playboy bunny. Other stars were Frank DeCaro from Sirius Out Q Radio and Porn Star turned Singer/Recording Star Frederick Ford. Frank DeCaro went to the same High School in suburban northern NJ. – If the teachers could see us now! Frank joked about Frederick’s huge dick, Bunny’s huge hair and his huge ass on the same stage. Lady Bunny later added to the humor by saying “You have a good face for the radio” to DeCaro. She also gave me a zinger by introducing me as being known for being on Under the Pink Carpet and also being known for “tricking out of the third stall of Port Authority’s Men’s Room.” Being dissed by Lady Bunny is one of the highest honors anyone in NYC Queer Society can get! I also fondly remember the first time she insulted me in 2001. Nobody does it better! Frederick Ford sang his new song “Turn My World Around” in between Bunny’s outrageous clowning as they raffled off a slew of prizes. Lady Bunny was unsuccessful in getting Ford and some of the prize winners to remove their clothing on stage. I guess they didn’t have enough of the V2 vodka shots that were being served liberally throughout the evening! We also generously received gift bags from Kenneth Cole. With fierce Drag, free vodka, singing Porn stars and newly published comic books, it was much more fun than when Frank and I had to spend time with books in our High School Library! Since I don't believe being limited to one Porn Star per evening, I stopped by Will Clark's Porno Bingo on the way home to see the gorgeous Jonathan Blu along with other friends like Will, A.B., Manny, Tre Xavier, Mark Schulte, playwright Kevin Brofsky and others from Emerging Artists Theatre.

Photos: Lady Bunny, Poster, Frederick Ford, Chelsea Boys creators Glen Hanson and Alan Newirth, Frank DeCaro, Jonathan Blu, Veronica Vera of Miss Vera's Finishing School - Cross Dressing Academy