Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Pill to increase Inflammation

On Wednesday, February 21, I was one of the Presenters for The Pill Awards, honoring excellence in Queer Music Videos and Film Shorts seen on ADD-TV (Attention Deficit Disorder TV) on cable Television. I was also one of the panel of Judges for the awards. They took place at Splash nightclub in Chelsea and had a huge crowd with many luminaries from the Queer nightlife, television and entertainment industries involved including: George Lyter (ADD-TV), Josh Rosenzweig and Dereck Reynols (Here! TV network), John Baez and Jennifer Howd (Punkmouse Media), Daniel Nardicio (D List), Randy Jones (Village People), Out Music, Next Magazine, HX Magazine, Ken Kleiber (That’s Kentertainment), Ryan Wolowski (Out and About TV), Walter McBride (Broadway World .com), Billy B (Radio Gay Today), Jay McCarroll (Project Runway), Wolfgang Busch (How Do I Look?), and others. The event included powerhouse performances by Josh Zuckerman, Kevin Cahoon & Ghetto Cowboy, Jonny McGovern and his sexy soccer players, The Ones, and La'Mady . Drag Ladies Carmilla Cann, Peppermint, Sweetie and Jimmy James were also there. Plus Mark Schulte, photographer Jeff Eason of Wilson Models, photographer Aaron Cabbett, Athena Reich, Triple Creme, Ari Gold, Brian Kent, Rich Overton, Michael Formika Jones, Francis Legge, Reed McGowan, Jeff Karpf, Nita Aviance and many others also enjoyed the festivities.

I was thrilled to present the Award for Best Drag with the very talented and sexy singer/songwriter Josh Zuckerman. I was also very happy to tell the audience about his video Out from Under being number one on Logo cable TV network for over 6 months! And everyone said how sharp we looked in the spotlight together! He was wearing a white shirt with a black tie and I was wearing a mod 60s white, black and blue print gown. Drag Diva Peaches Christ was the hostess of the evening and she was hoping to get the award. But Josh and me cracked open the plastic pill and read that the winner was Cyber Cissy - And Ms. Cissy wasn't even there to accept the award! Since there were several awards that Peaches was nominated for and didn’t win, she referred to herself as the Susan Lucci of Drag. I reminded her that La Lucci finally did win an award after being nominated 19 times. “Oh, I have 18 more to suffer through!” moaned Peaches.

Photos: Chris, *Pill Awards sign, **Josh Zuckerman & Lady Clover Honey announcing winner, *Ryan Wolowski & Clover, Jimmy James, Carmilla Cann, *Josh Zuckerman with Clover. (*Photos courtesy Ryan Wolowski of Out and About TV) (**Photo courtesy Walter McBride of Broadway World .com)