Monday, February 19, 2007

From Boots to Barry Z

Will Clark mentioning Barry Z’s new lounge, Climaxx, at the above Next event got me thinking about old times at the old Boots & Saddle, which was many times jokingly referred to as Bras & Girdles. It was a fun place with a circle of lights on the ceiling, the front of a truck as a juke box and an actual hitching post in the center of the floor that guys leaned against as they chatted and cruised. The old place is gone and transferred into a new place with a new name and with cable TV’s Barry Z hosting. Climaxx was scheduled to have its Grand opening the next night, but me and Rita were thinking that almost everyone is fashionably late, so we would be fashionably early - an entire evening early - And make a grand entrance at the new watering hole. The hitching post is gone and there’s a new digital juke box. There’s also beautiful new woodwork and mirrors. Barry gave us a big warm welcome. The last time I saw Barry was at a Jerry Springer show celebration that he taped for The Barry Z Show. Drag Diva Kenny Dash was also there hosting a Karaoke night, so me and Rita grabbed the microphone and belted out a few numbers. The more things change, the more they stay the same!

Photos: Barry Z, Kenny Dash