Friday, February 2, 2007

Real Men: Photographed, Drawn, and In-The-Flesh

On Tuesday, January 30, I was invited to the official book release party celebrating Real Men by good friend Ray Dragon, the artistic photographic journal that bursts with muscles, nude male flesh and more! And it was wonderful to see Ray Dragon again, everyone’s favorite Porn Star come Fashion Designer with his own label who returned to Porn industry with Directing/Producing and then became an erotic artistic photographer. And it was also very nice to see his models at the event, in the flesh. The party was held at the beautiful new Gallery of the prestigious Leslie-Lohman Gay Art Foundation. On display at the Gallery was a show called Boy Bordello, that contained drawings from the Queer Men’s Erotic Art Workshop, an art group that works with beautiful men in unabashed sexually inviting poses. The space was colorfully decorated in the bordello theme with ornate frames around each drawing! In the late 90s, I once had my art displayed at the gallery. I was greeted by Mr. Charles Leslie, the founder himself and Harvey Redding, workshop director. I also met Mark Schulte, photographer Michael Alexander, artist Richard Rodgers, friends Rosie Eggman and Keisha Lorainne from the Radical Faeries, and my girlfriends Madeline and Rita. I later spoke with Ray Dragon about his versatile life that included being an actor, Metropolitan opera performer, erotica star/producer/director and artistic photographer. It’s funny how Ray spent time designing clothes to cover men and now photographs them unclothed, which is the exactly the way I prefer viewing them.

Photos: Clover Honey with Ray Dragon, artist Richard Rodgers, Arod, Madeline, Clover Honey, Charles Leslie, Rita.