Monday, February 19, 2007

Next, Monster Partying

On Tuesday February 12, it was time for more Networking, so I went with my Gal Pal Rita Petite to Next Magazine’s Next Works Networking event. This month it was held at The Monster, the legendary Greenwich Village club. It’s always fun to hang with the gorgeous guys from the Next publication. Myself, also being a Journalist working for a Queer production, always finds interesting things to chat with the Next guys about. I also wanted to give a big congratulatory kiss to the new Editor in Chief, Justin Ocean, who was recently promoted from being the Listings editor. I also kissed hello the dining editor Peter Sherwood - plus Lou Marino, John Amaturo, photographer Chris Ramon. I ran into Will Clark who told me he was going to start up his super fun Porn Idol contest again at TV host Barry Z’s new bar, the renovated Boots & Saddle on Christopher St., and asked if I could be a Celebrity Judge. Of course, Judging the sexiness of hot young men who aspire to be erotica stars is one of my many talents! The Guest-List included: Josh Rosenzweig of Here TV, Wil Fisher form The Ali Forney Center, Mark Schulte, Eduardo from V2 Vodka, Sorceress Barbara Goode and Chris (who’s better know as his Drag Alter-Ego – the fabulous high-kicking Edie). We chatted about how Edie is one of the few Brunette Drag Queens. Most Divas prefer being Blonde beauties, but Edie feels that raven hair is classier and better suited for her! Edie certainly is one classy Lady! I lended my Vanna White modeling skills by being the stage beauty who pulled the cards out of the box to determine who wins the raffle door prizes. I’m glad no one minded it when I pulled my own card out and won a prize myself! It was a DVD collection including the Here TV series, Shock To the System. But it was no shock that we all had a great time!

Photos: Next Editor- Justin Ocean, Josh Rosenzweig from Here! TV, Barbara and Rita, John Amaturo