Friday, February 2, 2007

RUB - Queer Eye for the Straight Drummer

After the above event on Tuesday January 30, me and the girls headed uptown, to the Upper West Side to see my friends in the pop/rock band RUB give a fierce concert. RUB was fromed by combining members fro Rubberlegs band and Urban band and has Robert Urban on vocals and guitar, Steve Sullivan on bass, Gordon Smith on vocals and keyboard and Ant Maullela on drums. It’s two Straight and two Gay guys who musically play together orgasmicly (figuratively speaking). The concert was also a celebration of Ant’s birthday. Ant is one of the Straight guys and he plays the drums with fierce energy and keeps the beat going strong! All of us girls thought he looked smashing in his see-through shirt and kilt. He’s also one of the most supportive guys ever! I was the lead vocalist in singing “Happy Birthday to You” a la Marilyn when he was presented with the traditional candle-topped birthday cake. Special guest vocalists were Travis Laughlin who did a remarkable Janis Joplin impersonation and singer/songwriter VIRGO who did a Eurythmics number from the 80s. Cher Impersonator Howie V also stopped by and performed a Sonny & Cher song with Robert as Sonny. Jed Ryan from PM magazine was also among the partygoers. The concert took place at Citrus, a beautiful, spacious club with bamboo sticks, padding and lotus twigs adorning the walls.

Photos: Clover Honey, RUB, Jed Ryan, RUB, Travis Laughlin