Monday, February 19, 2007

Sweet/Sour - La Dolce Vita

Porn Czar Michael Lucas was served a lawsuit claiming that his erotic male/male adult film, Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita, will "infringe, tarnish and dilute" the trademark rights to the 1960s Italian Cinematic classic La Dolce Vita, directed by Federico Fellini. “This is incredibly homophobic” said Lucas in an official statement on his blog. They say the title of its movie was also likely to cause confusion among consumers. Of course this is not true at all. Michael Lucas says this himself: "This lawsuit is completely out of line. I think they're making fools of themselves. I don't think Fellini would like that. Nobody can be confused and think they're buying Fellini's movie by buying mine. It's a sex flick. This movie's taking place in New York today and has absolutely nothing to do with Fellini's, produced in 1960 in Rome. I'm not hiring [my actors] for their ability to act. That's for sure."

I was an Extra in four non-sexual party scenes of Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita, including a big-production fashion show number with celebrities Randy Jones (Village People), Michael Musto (Village Voice), Kevin Aviance, Amanda Lepore and others. It is always very sad and disheartening when Homophobia rears its ugly head and attacks a friend and a fellow Out producer. Being an Out producer and correspondent on a TV magazine news series, there were times when I was denied Press access for fear that being associated with something Gay, or the interpretation of their work by an openly Gay person, would tarnish their reputation. Gay people, like all other people have the right to be inspired by all culture, including classic movies, and to create and produce. I wish Michael good luck in fighting these Bigots and hope it doesn’t cost him too much.

Photos: Michael Lucas and Lady Clover Honey, Movie Posters