Friday, December 21, 2007

Comedy! Cabaret! Clover!

"An Evening of High Fashion and Big Laughs!" What more can you ask for in an evening? On December 4th, I presented and hosted and evening of Musical and Stand-Up Comedy with some extra glamor thrown in for fun! The show was called Comedy! Cabaret! Clover! and I was honored to have it at one of New York City's most renowned and legendary showroom, Don't Tell Mama, located on Restaurant Row in Midtown Manhattan's Broadway Theater District. Performing Comedy with me were comic buddies Robin Cloud, who also works with me on the TV series Under the Pink Carpet and Cara Kilduff. Funny Guys Christopher Jamal and Brian Masefield who performed with me at Caroline's on Broadway also added to the laughs. The Musical performer was my Diva girlfriend Howie V who presented his flawless "Cher" impression. "The only person who was more famous and more glamorous the me (Clover Honey) is Cher, so we had to have her with us" I joked to the sold-out crowd. The crowd couldn't have been better, more fun or laughed louder. I didn't know what to expect, since I've never hosted a show like this before, but it couldn't have been more sweet! The show had a diverse line-up of two girls, two guys and two female impersonators. Cara and Robin are both polished and hilarious and Chis and Brian are both gorgeous and side-splitting. Chris has a nervous energy that can't be matched and Brian's timing and politically incorrect humor has to be seen to be believed. Don't ask about Brian's comment on Roast Beef Sandwiches! And of course, Howie's mimicking of the ultimate Glamour Diva is right on target. "Cher" wore a replica of the 80s black leather and fishnet ensemble and later changed into a Bob Mackie knockoff gown that once graced the cover of Time magazine! Live music and background vocals were provided by Robert Urban on guitar, Steve Sullivan on bass and Dan Manjovi on piano. I started the show in a red disco spangle gown and commented "How often does your hostess match the curtain" as I pointed to the red glitter background drapery. Among those present were Rita Petite and Casandra Hilton (of CDI), Walter Grabowski (Fresh Fruit Fest), Luis Lopardi of Artzine, Comedians Carla Milo and Brett Juggasar, Sydney Myer of MAC (Manhattan Assoc. Cabarets) and Don't Tell Mama and many others. The event received wonderful Press in Next and Time Out NY magazines.