Friday, December 21, 2007

The Ultimate Drag-Off

In the world of Drag, Beauty is more that skin deep and Attitude is everything!! On December 1, I was a guest performer at The Ultimate Drag-Off! It's a fantastic show where various drag competitors from all walks of life fight a four-round battle of wits, beauty, talent and charm in a non-stop hilarious musical and improvisational romp! The other contestants were Spicky Hilton, Madison Mansfield and Drag King Sebastian. Spicky won the competition that evening. I think it was her sexy legs that cinched the prize! I knew I should of shown mine off. I went for the elegant long sequined gowns that night! I sang "Goldfinger" in a fierce gold-spangled gown and performed "Hit Me With Your Best Shot" as a classy dominatrix! I had a wonderful time and enjoyed myself so much. The evening took place in The Reprise Room at the posh Dillon's Cabaret in the theater district of Midtown Manhattan and audience was awesome!

Set in a vaudevillian 70's game show feel, this show asks the audience to vote for your favorite performers throughout the night as they sing and dance and pour their talents your way whether you like it or not! Think "Who's Line Is it Anyway" meets "American Idol" meets "Let's Make a Deal" in drag!! My favorite part was when they pulled a straight guy form the audience and gave him a drag make-over. He transformed from macho straight dude to femme beauty queen in a heartbeat!