Monday, December 17, 2007

Protest of HRC for Trans exclusions

On Tuesday, November 20, myself and dozens of other Transgender and Civil Rights activists took part in a protest at The Stonewall Inn, where HRC, the national Lesbain, Gay, Bi and Trans political lobbying organization was having a party. We are angry at the fact that HRC and its president Joe Solmonese would not endorse a Transgender-inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA). The US House of Representatives earlier this month passed a version of ENDA that does not include gender indentity protections, including sexual orientation only! HRC has also been lying about trying to secure a Transgender inclusive bill while quietly behind the scenes lobbying for a Lesbian and Gay only ENDA. The protest was organized by Jon Winkleman, and many of my activists and Transgender friends and supporters were to there show HRC how upset we were with them and their leadership. These people included Judical Delegate Melissa Sklarz, Caprice Bellefleur, Babs Casbar, Diana Montford, Keith Gemeric, Ken Cooper and folks from MCC, Sylvia's Place, Radical Faeries and Radical Homosexual Agenda. They provided several "Finger" signs to let HRC know exactly how we feel. It's ironic that the event took place at Stonewall Inn, where the modern Queer rights movement was started by the Drag Queens and Transgender people who protested the Police. Quotes and pictures of me at the event were placed in Gay City News and New York Blade newspapers.