Friday, December 21, 2007

OUT Loud - Holiday Performance

On Monday, December 4th, I rocked the house with a musical number as part of the OUT Loud Musial Performance night at the famous performance venue on the Lower East Side, Rockwood Music Hall. The event was produced by OUTMusic, an organization of Lesbian, Gay, Bi and Transgender musicians and supporters. The goal is to promote, share music and provide support in a safe, welcoming community. I got some great laughs as I did my rendition of Santa Baby, the Holiday classic, perfect for a fun and flirty Diva like myself. The OUT Loud evening was hosted by the fierce and ultra talented Deepa Soul aka Diedra Meredith who is not only a passionate musician and performer, but OUTMusic's new executive director! Robert Urban, Gordon Smith, Howie V, DJ/VJ Reed McGowan, Robert Anton, Dan Manjovi, Mary Edwards, Frank Grimaldi, John Raymond Pollard, Michael Lynch, Robert Anton, Morrey Campbell and others also gave some excellent musical performances. The event is produced by the handsome PM Magazine columnist Jed Ryan, who is also adorable besides being an avid music lover and supporter!