Sunday, December 23, 2007

Stage Art and Dirty Little Drawings

I had a fabulous time at the book release party for Dirty Little Drawings at the famous Leslie Lohman Art Gallery in SoHo! The book contains illustrations of nude men drawn at the Queer Men's Erotic workshops featured at the Leslie Lohman Gallery. My friend Evan Laurence, from Sexahol Review was one of the artists! The fascinating book has different takes on the male nude body from the perspective of many different artists. From looking at the pictures, I was wondering if there were special instructions for fitting a large penis on a small piece of paper. Plus, considering how attractive and nude the models were, I also wondered how they were able to concentrate on drawing at the workshops. Displayed on the walls of the gallery was a show called Stage Stuck, a display that celebrates the creative genius of dozens of set and costume designers - all of whom happen to be Gay - working with authors, composers and choreographers who are also Gay. Original sketches, models and props have been gathered from a variety of sources, including numerous private collections and many from the designers themselves. Seeing the book, the exhibit and so many friends made for a delightful evening! I loved running into gallery and foundation Director and Founder, Charles Leslie, Frank DeCaro (Sirius Radio), photographer and designer Ray Dragon, artists Richard Rodgers, Shree/Derick Newman, Paul Eggman, Porn Star Spike, Mark Schulte, Matif from Desilicious and many others.