Thursday, January 11, 2007

Michael Musto, Cazwell, Gossip and Homo Rap

On January 9th it ti me for my first release party of 2007 and this one was double header! Michael Musto , famous gossip columnist was celebrating the release of his new book La Doce Musto, containing musings of the world’s most outrageous gossip columnist for over 20 years! Also, Queer hip hop artist Cazwell celebrated the release of his new CD, Get Into It, released by West End Records. The night took place at Room Service nightclub in Chelsea, NYC and was hosted and promoted by Suzanne Bartsch, who I told reporters there last night has the best parties in NYC! Michael Musto’s party started first at nearby Barns & Nobel bookstore where the stars came o ut to shine and dish with our favorite hip writer and commentator. The glitterati included Joan Rivers, Ivana Trump, Perez Hilton, Cindy Adams, Tina Louise, Randy Jones (Village People) and Mariel Hemingway. La Musto looked fabulous in his white pirate blouse from the Sienfeld episode. It looked better and more fitting on him than on Jerry. I wore my black Oscar Da La Yenta designer gown with hologram sequins. Joan Rivers asked if my jewelry was from her QVC collection but realized it wasn’t when she got a closer look at my metallic silver pearl double-strand necklace. “K-Mart” I admitted to her.

The second part of the evening at the same club was dedicated to Cazwell’s new CD release and included a powerhouse performance by Cazwell with Amanda Lepore, Peppermint, some scorching dancers and others. Cazwell announced that Ms. Lepore’s music single “My Hair looks Fierce” will be used as a theme of the new Oxygen network TV series Tease a hair-stylist competition reality series hosted by Lisa Rinna. It was wonderful meeting the people behind that series but of course I won’t be needing the services of any stylist. Thank heavens for synthetic fiber wigs that hold their body and style! Burlesque diva Dirty Martini garnered attention by almost immediately removing her dress and working the party wearing only a g-string and pasties over her nipples. She would of received even more attention if the crowd were "Straighter." It was fabulous running into and seeing Bryan Raughton, Francis Legge, Peppermint, Jeff Eason, Kenny Kenny, Milan, Astro, Hector Diaz, Randy Jones and Will Grega, Ryan, Sultana, Suzanne Bartsch, James Anderson, Michael Wakefield, Howie V and so many others.

Photos: Cazwell, Dirty Martini, Peppermint, Suzanne Bartsch