Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lips, the utlimate in Drag Dining

I’m often dining out at many NYC restaurants. Of course, Dining in Drag does create minor challenges like swallowing food with your stomach cinched by a girdle, trying not to spill sauces on faux designer couture and the smudging of lipstick. I thought that being a Drag reporter I simply must do a report about the Drag Queen eatery in NYC. The ever popular Lips restaurant has Drag Queen shows, Drag waitresses and Drag Queen artifacts and photos decorating the place. On Sat. Jan. 27, I stopped by to do the report and present them with my photo. I just hope they don’t hang it next to the photo of Dustin Hoffman as Tootsie. Actually, I just hope they hang it anywhere! I noticed when I got home that the photos on the photos on the snazzy Lips 2007 calendar were taken by the same photographer who took my photos, Jeff Eason of Wilson Models. I think that's a good sign. And the "girls" at Lips were absolute sweethearts. They welcomed me with open arms and air-kisses (both cheeks, European.) Yvonne Lame', owner, manager and the ultimate hostess greeted me at the door looking stunning with a blonde beehive and turquoise spangles. She seated me at my table where Tony Sawicki, Stephanie Butler, Marcos Gonzales and David Serrano of Under the Pink Carpet were waiting for me. Our waitress was the larger-than-life All Beef Patty, whose tall hair-do plus size must be neccessary to hold her big heart. The food was absolutely delicious and as tasty as the décor. Ariel Sinclair was the hostess of the floor show and she looked divine with her silver gown and long golden locks. She introduced me to the audience where I had my turn at the mic to get entertain the diners with some laughs. But I liked it better when she got some guy in the crowd to take his shirt off. We also met Rajene, Ginger, bartender Frankie Cocktail and they were fabulous and lots of fun. It was also great to see Sultana again. She told us how she gets all her wigs styled by Patricia Field and is trying to make art of belly dancing in vogue and proved you can shake it no matter what your size is. After the first show and round of diners, the place became jam packed with literally bus loads of hungry people. So we wrapped up our video shoot and left. I know that people like hearing Drag Queens insult each other and I realize I’ve said nothing but nice things. They don’t call me Honey for nothing! But the girls at Lips can get into some hilarious sassy name-calling, all in the name of fun. And fun is what you get along with your food at Lips.

Photos: Clover Honey with Yvonne Lame', All-Beef Patty, Ariel Sinclair