Friday, January 26, 2007

Disco and Naked Cowboys at the YMCA

Classic Disco is still going strong in NYC and around the world. And the hundreds of people who were at my dear friend Randy Jones’ (original cowboy of the legendary Village People) official release party for his new CD titled Ticket to the World know for certain this is true. Randy was looking and sounding great and loaded with energy as he treated us with a live performance of some songs from the CD, kicking off an international tour. The event took place on January 23 at a candle-lit club called Retox in Chelsea, NYC.

Randy was joined by another famous Cowboy, The Naked Cowboy, known for his guitar playing in Times Square. The two of them at the same event were much more exciting than anything in Brokebacke Mountain! Keith Collins (Fuse, VH-1), Chip Duckett (Spin Cycle), Michael Lucas (La Dolce Vita), Bruce-Michael Gelbert (Q on Stage), Will Grega (Composer/Producer and Randy’s Husband), Mark Schulte, Jeff Karpf and countless others were there.

With 2007 being Studio 54’s and Village People's 30th anniversary, It’s obvious that Disco never died --"And I'm still fucking standing!"—Randy reminded everyone and took us all down memory lane by exuberantly performing YMCA, while the audience, of course, jumped to their feet and classically danced and shaped the letters in the air with their arms and hands.

Photos: Randy Jones and Lady Clover Honey, The Naked Cowboy