Saturday, January 20, 2007

Martinis with Movie Stars

On Wednesday January 15, I went to Mid-town’s hottest Mid-week party Club Martini at Vlada Lounge. This gathering is hosted by Steve Deitsch who runs Reverberate Marketing Communications, and Casper Andreas, actor, writer and film director. His directorial debut, the Gay romantic comedy Slutty Summer is being followed up by his second feature A Four Letter Word. It actually had a small role in A Four Letter Word, and I was delighted when Casper told me that the final edit was done and my line didn’t end up on the cutting room floor. Editors can be so cruel! Jesse Archer, the star of A Four Letter Word also came by the party and it was great running into him again. We all joked about how my spangled dress kept making noise on the film set and was driving the sound tech guy crazy. Oh, the unique and varied problems with working with Drag Queens! Singer/songwriter Ruben Butchart performed live and entertained us with songs from his new CD Come & Play. I also ran into photographer Jeff Eason, promoter Rich Overton and others. The featured Martini of the evening was the Atlantis-tini, a mixture of Pineapple infused vodka, lime juice and Blue Curacau. The drinks with their aqua-blue-green color were as intoxicatingly pretty as they were delicious. And my ensemble matched the cocktail! Tre chic!
Photos: Lady Clover Honey with Casper Andreas, Jesse Archer.