Monday, January 8, 2007

Lower East Side Decadence

On January 4th, I thought it was about time to break my New Year’s resolution of being a good girl. So I brought a new tube of red lipstick and called my girlfriends and went to where the best partying takes place, Downtown on the Lower East Side. We’ve been wanting to check out the new, hot party called Unisex Salon at Club Delancey and this was the perfect excuse. There were no hair-cuts or manicures, but the styling on the dance floor was super! I wore a mod 60s floral print gown and went with Becky, Madelyn and Wren. The party is hosted by Earl Dax and James Coppola at a hip multi-level club called The Delancey. The roof was covered with tropical plants and with the unseasonably warm weather we’ve been having, I felt just like I was in Miami and almost started looking for a man to rub oil on my back. The large water fountain was turned off and transformed into an impromptu stage with a literally hot and sizzling performance by Michael Dirt of Modern Gypsy breathing and spitting fire, twirling flaming fire batons, poles and ropes around his bare-chested body and the petite body of Trina Rose. "Amazing" only begins to describe the awesome performance that blew everyone away. Downstairs on the main floor DJs Nick Hallett and Designer Imposter spun tunes that would of cured the “Winter Blahs” if we had winter weather and inspired break free dancing in a new year. One fabulous dancer was the plus-size Go Go girl Miss LES Glenn Marla who had all the right moves covered with sequins. There were performances by the raunchy Bridget Everett singing about her “canhole” plus beautiful inflatable art on display giving new meaning to the term, “great blow.” It was fabulous to see again Go NYC magazine editor Sharyn Jackson, Michael Noir, Justin Bond (Kiki & Herb), Max Simone, Alberto Ruiz, Raquel Almazon and many others.