Saturday, January 20, 2007

Madonna, Julia Roberts and now Me with Rupert!

On Tuesday January 15, it was time for another networking party. Networking is crucial life-skill for any socialite and journalist, and I’m one Lady who knows how to work a room! This party is called Times Square Social and is a monthly event promoted by the handsome marketing executive Hugh Hysell. It was held at the posh Club T, which is perfect since I’m a T-Girl. Even more perfect is the fact that the club is right next to the Broadway theatre where Hairspray is playing and mist form the huge can of hairspray above the Marquee spewed down over me, making feel like an Aqua Net Goddess right before I made my entrance to the soiree. Once inside I met Rupert Everett, the British movie star, and I received a copy of his new memoir, Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins. It’s a wonderful and juicy tell-all. Where else does an openly Gay man confess to secret Heterosexual love affairs with Women? In it he revealed he had had flings with Paula Yates, Susan Sarandon and other ladies. “I am mystified by my heterosexual affairs — but then I am mystified by most of my relationships," he told me. Everett is known for playing Madonna’s Gay best friend and Julia Robert's Gay friend in the movies. Of course, It’s always so fabulous to run into gorgeous and famous Gay men who are friends and lovers with women, but I could only spend limited time with Rupert, since the room was packed with wall to wall men. And this Lady had her networking to do!
Photo: Rupert Everett and Lady Clover Honey